Mystery Ink Sample Pack of 5


Mystery Sample Pack

Are you an explorer of inks, adventurer of the unknown, or just want to try something new?

Check out our mystery sample packs, each with 5 unique fountain pen ink samples. The ink samples will be labelled and can be any one of the inks we currently stock. Part of the thrill and delight is that there is a chance you could receive one or more: black inks, “boring” inks, light-coloured inks, shimmer inks, pink inks, inks you already have, highlighter inks, etc. 

Includes: 5 Random 2mL ink samples (guaranteed to not be duplicates within one pack)

*Unfortunately at this time we are unable to accommodate specific requests for mystery packs (e.g. no purple inks, no inks of a certain brand, no duplicates with other inks already ordered) as these sample packs are made up and sealed in a paper bag to prepare for sale in the shop.

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