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Kaweco Spare Nib - Silver Finish


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Kaweco Spare Nib - Silver Finish

Spare Kaweco Nib and Section will replace an Al-Sport section and nib with a simple screw off and screw on.

You can use this nib and section to replace a nib and section on your Classic Sport, as Kaweco nibs & feeds are friction fit. Pull out the nib and feed from both the pen and the replacement section and swap.

Available: Silver, Gold Nib

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Morgan Ge
Great nib

I was a bit worried that the EF nib might be too scratchy because of how fine it was, but it worked like a charm after some break in. Now I can write Chinese characters with no problem

Jeff Hemming
Kaweco Spare Nib - Silver

Picked up a Fine nib a while back from Wonder Pens to replace a Medium one in my Brass Sport. Finally got to putting it in. Install was as easy as pie :) Definitely drier than the M but also able to write much smaller text. Looking like it will be perfect for my travel journal needs. Thanks Wonder Pens!

Suprisingly great nib.

Got a new medium nib for my Kaweco Sport.

Wasn't sure if I should spend a bit more and order an entire pen since the nib alone is about 40% of the price for Kaweco Sport. Plus, this is like buying the pen without the cap and the body, you get everything else.

But, I then thought it was a bit more sane and rational to buy the just the nib.

Other than that, the nib writes very smoothly, flows well, and overall provides a great writing experience. Great nib/pen for the price.

1.1 Nib - Silver. 4 Stars Considering Price

I bought the 1.1 nib to replace my gold broad nib. I think the silver shows a lot better on the pen. The gold is quite a dry looking gold. It writes very well, but has a little dryer stroke ... not as smooth as my TWSBI 1.1 and not as wide a stroke either. That's good in a way though as this is a pocket pen for me and with small cartridges or converter capacity, the ink will go further. For the price, I am extremely happy. I like my Kaweco Sport a lot more now with this change in nibs. I gave it 4 stars not because it is a superior nib as there are better, but considering the price, it is a 4 in that sense.