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Kaweco Sketch Up 5.6mm Clutch Pencil - Brass


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Kaweco Sketch Up 5.6mm Clutch Pencil - Brass

Kaweco's Classic Al-Sport design in a clutch mechanical pencil, with a solid push mechanism to dispense lead.Made of brass, this pencil has a considerable weight. The built in sharpener in the push button allows you to keep the point as sharp as needed. Perfect for engineers, doodlers, or mathematicians on the go.

The mechanical pencil does not have a top eraser and takes leads between 5.4mm and 5.7mm.

Includes: one 5.5mm graphite lead piece. (extras available here).
Clip is not included, but is available separately in gold or silver (compatible with the standard clip or N Clip).

Dimensions: 4.15 inches
Weight: 44g