Traveler's Notebook Regular Size - Brown Leather


Traveler's Notebook Regular Size - Brown Leather

Made of durable, rough leather that will tell the story of your journeys, the Traveler's Notebook is made for writers and artists who are going to travel the world. Originally designed by Midori, a Japanese company, the leather cover is handmade in Thailand, and closes with an elastic, making it perfect to slip into your pocket or bag. It's fully customizable with paper refills in different rulings and can be as thick or thin as you need. This is the notebook that will last a lifetime.

Available in regular and passport size.

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Jillian Taylor

I love My Traveler’s Notebook!! Take it everywhere I go.


One of the best purchases I’ve made in years. This thing is so versatile and mobile.

Pondered for years; using it daily

Many of us writers and creative types are looking for that perfect system to capture our thoughts whether on a subway or stuck in traffic--even during boring dinner parties ... I've used Moleskines, Leuchturms in all sizes, Clairfontaine, and went through a time when I was making my own small pocket notebooks using the Field Notes as a prototype.

Then I heard about the Midori Traveler's Notebook. It looked beautiful and had some cool inserts, but while attracted to it, I didn't know how it would work for me. So I continued trying to find that perfect solution, while once in a while looking at Midoris on various reviews.

Several years went by ...

Finally I decided to buy the Traveler's Regular in blue/black, and it is exactly what I was looking for. The Traveler's solves two things for me: 1) It allows me to document insights for my day-job and personal/artistic/entrepreneurial endeavours in one handy notebook, and 2) With the day timer insert, I spend less time on my phone where there are always distractions and rabbit holes.

I use three inserts: two separate plain notebooks (for my day-job and personal work respectively), and the daily calendar. The calendar insert separates the two notebooks. I clip my Pelikan M200 into the middle of it--the paper is perfect for fountain pens with neither bleeding nor ghosting. I also clip receipts to it for filing later.

Best combo: Midori Traveler's Regular, Pelikan M200, Diamine Blue/Black ink

Margaret McDonald
Never leave home without it

I LOVE my TN. It's a beautiful, well-designed, high quality product and I love the versatility of the insert options; you can customize it to perfectly fit your needs.

I use three paper inserts - weekly planner, monthly planner, and blank notebook - as well as the zip pouch. The paper performs perfectly with fountain pens.

I take it everywhere and absolutely love it. It's so much more than a notebook, it's a system, and an excellent investment.

I wanted to love it

I really wanted to love this notebook. I received it and purchased a few extra inserts. I found myself truly disappointed in the awkward size, it is difficult to hold in your hand of place down to write in. It is beautiful looking. Unfortunately it doesn't suit my needs (watercolor, bullet journaling) I will try my luck with a Leuchttrum1917. I purchased this notebook because I was attracted to the leather cover and how you can refill it.