Yamamoto Loose A4 Paper - Typewriter Paper


Yamamoto Loose A4 Paper - Typewriter Paper

50 Sheets

From the manufacturer:

It is important for Typewriter Paper for copy with carbon paper to be thin and durable. Genta Yoshii (1826-1908) is known as the father of modern Japanese thin paper making. The Typewriter Paper for copy he developed in the early 1900s was very popular in America. Mitsubishi Paper Mills Typewriter Paper was also developed to handle the strong strikes from the typewriter keys while still being thin. You are able to stack five sheets of this paper with carbon copy sheets in-between in a typewriter and still get crisp letters on all sheets. It handles ink well and has good printing qualities. Our fountain pen tests showed short dry times, good color representation, and no bleed-through. This paper is produced using old equipment at the Takasago factory in Hyogo prefecture. It has the level of quality that would be difficult be reproduce using modern mass-production equipment.

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