J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink (30mL) - Poussiere De Lune


J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink (30mL) - Poussiere De Lune (purple).

One of the oldest pen ink companies in the world, J. Herbin is a French ink company dating back to 1670. One of the first companies to establish a diverse set of colours, their rectangular bottles with a pen rest have become classic among fountain pen users. Considered to smooth-flowing and quick-drying, this is a great ink for new fountain pen writers, for the office or for your personal journaling.

Available in gris nuage, bleu pervenche, rouge caroubier, lierre sauvage, lie de the, poussiere de lune, orange indien, rose cyclamen, perle noire, and eclat de saphir.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Absolutely beautiful

I purchased this ink on a whim and it has become my favourite in my collection! This one is perfect to use in almost every circumstance - it's a fun colour, but still muted and deep enough to be easily read. I have now purchased more ink from this brand and look forward to trying out more of their beautiful inks! The bottle of ink is wonderful as well, and looks exquisite on a shelf.

Lovely ink

I enjoy writing with this ink on a variety of paper, due to its even flow. And I find the colour looks best on ivory paper. I only wished Wonder Pens carry the 100 ml bottle of this ink, as this ink is always out of stock every time I visit. Given the nature of ink, I'd rather not order it online and have it delivered by mail.

Gary Wood
Moon Dust?

Despite the name, this ink looks nothing like moon dust; it’s more like the purple of distant mountains. It’s one of my favourites for drawing as well as writing. It looks especially beautiful on ivory paper. It’s very water soluble. Your notes likely won’t survive a rain shower, but deliberate use of a water brush can elicit subtle wet-on-wet washes that give a convincing sense of aerial perspective.

Bottle Shape

Wow! I love this ink colour. I usually stick to gray and black, but I thought I’d try out this purple. It’s a bit darker then what they show here. It stands out enough for people to notice, but is also great for professional use. My only complaint is the bottle. Probably one of the most ineffective bottle shapes for ink.

John Meadows
I love this ink!

This is my first purple ink, and I used it in my Noodler Ahab (both arrvied today). I really like the look of this ink; it has a slightly restrained tonality which I find appealing. It flows very nicely (even on the indifferent paper I was using today). This ink will become a regular for me!