Octopus Write & Draw Ink (50mL) - Grey Frog


Octopus Write & Draw Ink (50mL) - Grey Frog

Octopus Fluids Write & Draw Inks are a unique combination of drawing ink and fountain pen ink. Typically, these two mediums differ in important properties, but the Write & Draw Inks bring together the best of both worlds.

Write & Draw inks contain a fountain pen-friendly binder that does not affect the flow properties of the ink. This allows the ink to glide smoothly through the ink feed, but also to stay well on the paper. Thanks to this feature, you can create impressive calligraphic lettering and use the same color in your fountain pen.

Our Write & Draw inks also perform well when painting with a brush! You can use them for watercolor, mix and dilute colors.

And whether applied with a fountain pen, dip pen, or brush – the result is absolutely waterproof, extremely lightfast, and cannot be erased.

You can use the Write & Draw Inks in your fountain pen without hesitation, as long as you take care not to let the ink dry up in the fountain pen. We therefore recommend that you clean your writing instrument thoroughly immediately after use. To be on the safe side, we also advise against using particularly expensive fountain pens for these reasons.


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