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Sailor Compass Dipton Shimmer Mini Ink & Hocoro Dip Pen Set - Coral Humming


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Sailor Compass Dipton Shimmer Mini Ink & Dip Pen Set - Coral Humming

In the ever-evolving world of writing, Sailor continues its legacy of crafting exceptional products that cater to modern needs, while embracing time-honored traditions. With the renaissance of dip pens and their ascending popularity, we're excited to unveil the latest offering by Sailor Compass: the Sailor Compass Dipton Shimmer Bottle Ink series.

The essence of dip pens lies in the freedom to effortlessly switch between ink colors, allowing for boundless creativity without the fuss of regular cleaning. Acknowledging this, the Sailor Compass Dipton Shimmer Bottle Ink series is not just any ink, but an experience in itself. Here’s what makes it special:


Exclusively for Dip Pens: While Sailor fountain pen inks have always been cherished, this series is exclusively formulated for dip pen use. Not for fountain pens.


10ml Bottles of Magic: Each bottle contains iridescent particles that exhibit mesmerizing color shifts based on the angle and lighting, turning every piece of writing into a dynamic work of art.


Shades That Speak: Dive into these premier shades - "Coral Humming," "Ice Dance," and "Mellow Forest," each encapsulating a unique blend of color and shimmer.