TWSBI Diamond 50 Inkwells (Metal Cap)


TWSBI Diamond 50 Inkwells (Metal Cap)

The TWSBI Diamond 50 Inkwell is perfect for keeping your favourite inks in. The inkwell adapter allows you to fit your TWSBI pen perfectly to the inkwell allowing for maximum convenience for sucking up your favourite ink (you'll be sure not to waste a drop!); while still having the flexibility to be used as a standard inkwell by removing the adapter. The metal cap gives it a modern look and solid weight.

Available in different colours, choose from drop down menu.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Versatile and Attractive Inkwell

This is a really well manufactured product. You get the sense that a ton of thought has gone into its design, presentation and use.

It is really rare to find ink bottles with an ink reservoir (Platinum have one in their's), and it is a thoughtful addition to help to get the last of that treasured colour into your pen. This alone makes it a useful purchase.

I don't have one of the TWSBI pens that can take advantage of the upper cap (I think the pens that can use this are the Diamond, 530, 540, 580 and mini). However, I also have the TWSBI Vac20A inkwell (which Wonderpens also sells), and the top parts are interchangeable (same screw thread), so in addition to filling my regular pens with this inkwell, I can swap out the lid with the Vac20A's if I want to put another colour in my Vac 700R (or my Pilot Custom 823, which also works with this arrangement).

Wonderpens team: you are awesome bringing these products to us!

Inkwell of choice

I own one of each of the available colours and my favourite ink of each colour resides in each...I've got green in the silver one and plan on buying more silver ones for other favourites. Highly recommended.

Nice looking but...

This is a really nice looking ink well. Looks great on the desk, well built I think. However.....the converter filling section only works with a specific type. I didn't know this when I purchased the ink well. I should have done a bit more research I'm sure. So for my Lamys I have to fill through the nib. I prefer filling the converter through the Lamy ink jars.
Also, the upper section doesn't have a drain. So if you spill ink into the metal cap its kind of a pain to clean.
That being said, its great looking

Great Ink Well

This is a great ink well! I'm the person who, while loading an ink syringe from a sample vial, will knock over the vial then over-fill the converter and end up with more ink on my desk and hands than in the pen! I can empty the sample vial into the adapter and the weight of the ink well keeps everything stable while I fill my pens without ink spilling, dripping etc. And I love the look of it on my desk when not in use!

Cameron Donaldson
High-quality Ink Well

This is my favourite ink well. I transfer my most-frequently used inks into these wells.

The various coloured tops help you easily distinguish between dark reds, blues, and blacks. The tops are metallic, and have a very solid feel. The well itself is glass, and has an amazing weight to it. it looks quite modern, too.

I don't have a TWSBI pen, but based on the videos I've seen and anecdotal evidence, the TWSBI adapter in the lid is incredibly useful.

My favourite feature is the plastic reservoir inside the inkwell. Turning a nearly-empty well upside-down then right-side up fills the internal reservoir, giving you easy access to more-than-enough ink to fill a standard cartridge. I also take advantage of this when using dip pens. It lets me get away with not having to blindly dip the pen into a nearly-empty ink bottle. With a filled internal reservoir, I can clearly see the surface of the ink and know when I have sufficiently dipped my pen.

Fantastic product!