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Kaweco Tin Pen Case


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This small tin case is the perfect fit for one or two Kaweco Sport pens. The insert ensures the pens aren't jostling around as you tuck this case into your purse or toss it in the car on the go. You can remove the insert to store even more of your supplies.

Dimensions: 5 inches W x 2.25 inches L x 1 inch H
Weight: 48g

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Solidly built and closes well

I bought this pen case to hold half pans of watercolour. I stuck magnets beneath the plastic pans and they hold extremely well to the tin.

I was able to put 17 half pans in the bottom part, and 12 inside the lid; the pans don’t touch when I close the pen case, but I put a piece of acetate between the top and bottom pans anyway even if I let the pans dry after use before shutting the tin. The hinges seem solid and the lid closes securely; I have not found it open in my backpack.


This can is perfect for carrying two kaweco mini and a pack of ink, it's what it's made for. But the tin itself is a perfect size to carry a lot of on the go stationery stuff and you can take the plastic pen mold out of it. It's very well made and sturdy.

Perfect size for ink cartridges & more

I've got a few of these at home and they are the perfect size for storing ink cartridges and the various bits and pieces you accumulate when you have fountain pens, (i.e. spare nibs, ink syringes, small pots of silicone grease, the odd ink sample, small polishing cloth...etc.). As an added bonus, they fit into the large pocket of the Superior Labor pen roll.