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Midori MD Paper Notebook Cover - A5


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Midori MD Paper Notebook Cover - A5

A simple paper cover made specifically for the Midori
MD notebook range. Made from a single sheet of Cordoba, a lightweight
but strong material, your MD notebook will be protected throughout all
your stationery adventuresfrom desk to backpack and everywhere in between.

Midori carefully constructs each cover by hand, from the meticulous
folding process to ensure a strong seam, the sturdy stitching, right
down to hand-finishing the thread ends to ensure your cover lasts. With
paper as beautiful as Midori MD paper, it is only fitting that they
chose a material like this to further enhance the quality of their
notebooks. The Cordoba cover at first glance looks like tanned leather
due to the smooth, moist-texture, and it will develop a unique texture
with use; a reflection of your adventures with it.

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