Another thrill! Last week in the shop we received another special edition version of our A5 Portfolio and our Pen and Wallet Case to celebrate our ten year anniversary, this time with a red stitching and zipper fabric.


They are launching Wednesday, November 15th at 10 am EST. We have limited quantities, so if you are interested, please act quickly. At 10 am, they will be available in the Just In section of the website.



The Portfolios are numbered to 25, and have a quote from Charles Dickens on the back. The Pen and Wallet Cases are not numbered, but are also limited in quantity.





I hope you are as excited to see these as we were. There is nothing like opening up a box of something fresh and new, and particularly when they are items that are designed to last a lifetime.4 I know it can be frustrating to wait for stock from Japan, especially of some of these special pieces, and we wish we could have these Portfolios and the Pen and Wallet Cases in stock all the time.


As always, the best pieces are the ones that go with you on the journey, whichever they are—to get scuffed up and soft and to hold all the marks of time and life’s changing seasons. I feel a special connection with all these portfolios and TSL items that leave our shop and join someone else’s adventures. What a delight it will be for us, if one of these pieces in particular has that honour with you.  


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November 13, 2023 — Liz Chan


Gary Compton

Gary Compton said:

Hello Wonder Pen
How much are the A5 portfolios and pen wallets?
Are they made of genuine leather?
What are the dimensions of the portfolio?
Will our iPads 9 1/2” X 6 1/2” be too small or too tight?
If the A5’s will accommodate our iPads then set two aside for us

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