The new Sailor Yurameku inks have come in and I hadn’t realized how much I would like them! They released the first group of them some time ago, and I had enjoyed them, but found them a bit light for everyday use.


These new ones sat in their boxes for a few days until I finally decided to break them out, because really how long can one resist new inks in the house, curiosity killing the cat and all, and they are gorgeous, so rich and sultry, but also mysterious and magical. Am I overstating it? Possibly. These are colour changing inks from Sailor, and they truly do change colour on you. It’s hard to believe! I swabbed them multiple times just to watch their magic. Magic in a bottle! Sure to cure you of writer’s block, provide brilliant ideas during work brainstorming meetings, correct exam answers, etc., etc.


These inks also appear differently on different kinds of paper, but alas I do not have it in me to do any sort of scientific or systematic experimentation on it, despite having access to several different kinds of paper. Perhaps I will leave it to your own stationery adventures?



Zare Gokoro


Drying swab on the left, fresh swab on the right.



Kokoro Guma


Drying swab on the left, wet swab on the right.


Ugh! Such character! The desert just after sunset. Deep earth. The secret garden.


Date Gokoro

Look at the range of colours on this one! Truly a witches’ brew. Radioactive and potent.

Drying on the left below, medium wet above, fresh fresh on the right below.


Hana Gokoro


Drying on the left, wet on the right. Another wild change from that slate blue to terracotta and vintage furniture.


Suki Gokoro—my personal favourite. I love both the original barely greenish blue and the brown it ends up as. Like you’re going on a solo train ride through the Rockies in the fall, with just your backpack, your journal, and a good book.


This colour change! Delicious! What fun. What stories this ink will hold.




It’s been a long time since I did a blog post with currently inked pens, and it’s mostly because my pens exist in chaos. These days, I’ve been inking them up late at night when it’s no good to take photos and then the pens roam around the house like feral creatures for weeks, and I can’t re-organize them for a family photo until I’ve forgotten what ink I’ve put in what and half of them are missing anyways.


I am keeping busy in the best possible way, which is to say I’m taking photos of new stationery and testing things out, and imagining all sorts of reasons to acquire new notebooks and new cases, and making grand plans for blog posts and projects, and was anxiously awaiting stamps featuring anthropomorphic mushroom cats doing various life things to arrive from Japan, after having spent several weeks convincing Jon that we absolutely needed them.


My Hobonichi pages are full, things are falling through the cracks, and I’m also, every once in a while, stopping to admire the view. I hadn’t realized this was where we were heading when we opened the shop almost ten years ago, but what a dream it all is, to spend my days with Q-tips dipped in ink, with two shop cats lurking about, with stacks of books to be read, notebooks to be filled, a house full of chaos and shrieking and life.


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February 06, 2023 — Liz Chan


Stephanie J.

Stephanie J. said:

You take great ink photos. They look very luscious and inviting – sultry, as you said. ;)

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