We got some new bags in from The Superior Labor, and as always, they are gorgeous and luxurious and practical and completely Japanese and the details are crisp. I love TSL leather, I love the precision of the stitching, the thoughtful placement of the fabric patterns.

These bags are made with fabric designed by William Morris, which I know so many of you love, and this fabric in particular is timeless.

These are a special edition, so we’ve only got a limited quantity of each in. Here are some photos of some of the details of the bags.

I think this is my personal favourite size of the bag. Is it because I have three children and need to carry granola bars and water bottles and , or because I can’t go anywhere without a notebook and book and pen case and a roll of emergency washi tape?


And in case you were curious, here is a behind the scenes of our photos.

We continue to shamble forwards, trying to cross things off lists, trying to collate things onto lists, Jon and I both trying to delegate (pass the buck) onto each other’s lists. These golden days! Grateful for it all.

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June 23, 2023 — Liz Chan

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