In yet another in a series of escalating and questionable life choices (I recently bought some bubble tea popsicles), I had a package of late night ramen while two babies slept behind me. Coincidentally the decision for the bubble tea popsicles was also made late at night while online shopping for groceries). We are doing our home renovation in stages, and in this part of it, half of the family is sleeping in the living room and kitchen, which has made this late night ramen opportunity possible, sleeping in the kitchen.


And yet, it was an excellent decision. The smell of maligned MSG wafting in the air, the windows open to let in the cold night breeze, let out the clouds of drywall dust. Not a vegetable in sight except for some pickled spicy bamboo. A delicious combination with The Book of Delights, by Ross Gay, highly recommended. It’s a book of small essays on unearthing and noticing the tiny delights we can find in this treacherous world. Life is too short to not enjoy the occasional treat, the occasional crinkly package of late-night salty slurping.


Here I am, leading by example, because I can only hope these tiny aliens of mine will grow up to enjoy some late night ramen wherever they end up on the planet, which is hopefully not too far away from me, and hopefully well-equipped with functional and stylish stationery.


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July 09, 2022 — Liz Chan

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