We announced a couple of weeks ago that we were getting in one more production run of our Franklin-Christoph exclusives, the Model 20 and the Pocket 20 in F-C’s bronze material, which is sort of more of a grey bronze. They’ve just arrived, which is perfect timing since I started planning this blog post a month ago and am now finally getting it out. The team is hoping to maybe squeeze out the first pre-orders into the shipping queue tomorrow, and the rest next week. I can’t wait to see what you’re all going to put in your new F-Cs—a black ink? Stormy Grey? Tuna Grey?? Or something totally by surprise and interesting and meant to be in its own way.


I’m so thrilled to get them back. We had them years ago and I was so excited to get them then and actually I think I’m about as excited to get them back now. I’m always self-conscious when I ink mine up (I have both the clipped M20 and the clipped P20) because every time I do, people ask about them and whether we’re going to have them back, and I feel sadly that the news is not great. It’s always been vague: hum, ho, maybe? Hmm.


And now here they are!



The Model 20 has always been my favourite model from F-C: it’s a very reasonable size, about the same as a Safari, it’s a snap cap, F-C pens are eyedropper-friendly, and it’s not too flashy. And the grey! I love the way the texture on F-C pens give a bit of character. It’s not soulless injection moulded plastic, not that there’s anything wrong with that (as my rainbow of Safaris look over at me, aggrieved, but still beloved).




I hope you love yours if you’ve had it a while, or if you’re just getting it in this production run. Elaine, from our team, pulled out hers to show me when I was in the other day, inked up in celebration of the imminent arrival of this batch, and my heart swelled up thinking about all our WP F-Cs out in the world, in various hands, with various inks, more joining them soon.





In any case, it’s the usual over here. The usual and more than the usual because life keeps ramping up and as it goes on we’re accumulating more activities and friendships and laundry and favourite pens and memories and traditions and filled-up notebooks on the shelves and ornaments on the tree and babies and cats. Hard to believe it started out just me and Jon and the dog (who is now dead but whose spirit is reincarnated in Tuna who steals food and drinks from the toilet).


I’ve been writing lots in my notebooks these days, appointments in my planners, Christmas plans and to-do lists, journaling and morning pages and I can’t believe how life continues to get richer and spicier and more delicious with each passing year. It’s great! And it’s tiring and bracing and warming and sometimes I teeter at the brink of existential crisis but most of the time I am trying my best to know that these are my golden days and that the good old days are right now and that nothing is a given, not even tomorrow, so we will buy the $10 a piece dragon fruit and not comment on the $2 piece that just fell on the floor and we will clap for the out-of-tune home violin performances and we will just squeeze and hug what we can and use the washi tapes for art projects and light the candles for no good reason and maybe turn up the thermostat one or two degrees when no one is looking.


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November 24, 2022 — Liz Chan

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