We’ve now had Private Reserve ink for some time, and it’s been fun to see which ones have been favourites around here. In a previous post, I had the most popular ones, but in a second shipment from Private Reserve, we got some lovely brown inks, and so here I am, back again. Perfect for fall, my favourite season, my favourite colours.


Private Reserve Copper Burst in a Pilot Custom 823 Medium

Private Reserve Sepia in a Pelikan M400 Fine

Private Reserve Black Cherry in a Parker 51 Fine

Private Reserve Ebony Brown in a Lamy LX Fine



Private Reserve Copper Burst, an interesting comparison to Diamine’s Ancient Copper.




Private Reserve Sepia, one of my favourite shades.




Private Reserve Black Cherry, a bit more dusty than I expected.




Private Reserve Ebony Brown, a deep, rich dark brown, which might be a good workplace ink.




In other news, I continue to keep busy. I recently made some cheese toast with cheese on top of cheese bread* and it was really delicious so now I’ve been spending time thinking about when I’m going to have it next. The other day a bird flew into the Studio Shop, and in an effort to get it out, I flapped my own arms and drove it to fly up into a hole in the drywall in the ceiling, which had been cut to address a plumbing issue from the upstairs. Yet to be determined if the bird will come back out or if it will die up there. A picture of Caleb as a toddler in a onesie and these sock shoes he used to wear all the time popped up and I spent half an hour moping around about life.


I’m reading and snacking and the Studio Shop is semi-open, and new things are coming into the warehouse, it seems every other day. Some things are more exciting than others, and yet it’s hard not to feel like I’m channeling one of the many squirrels Caleb is illegally feeding peanuts in our backyard. It’s been hard to keep up, this glorious rain of things on my to-do list falling past my upraised hands, like Tim Robbins in the Shawshank Redemption except I haven’t just escaped from prison and Bob Gunton, into the great beyond of being too late to ever get done.


Currently reading: The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr.

Currently looking at: the fun new Canada Post trucks outside the window

Currently delighted with: my recent purchase of several Tupperware containers

Currently thrilled to discover: customers who are readers

Currently sad about: the missing a in the “somewhat” on my letter board sign



*Who am I to advertise for Loblaws, given how much mouldy fruit they’ve given me in my grocery pick ups, but it’s very tasty bread.

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September 27, 2021 — Liz Chan



Lene said:

Speaking of Loblaws and bread… try the president’s Choice Yukon Gold bread. Delicious with an excellent ham.


Margo said:

Hello Liz,
Thank you for your regular blog posts and newsletters. I enjoy your writing, and take the time to read each and every missive. I like reading about the kids, the cats, the grocery issues, new products and whatever else comes my way. A bright spot in my day. ;-) Thank you.

Megan Rasila

Megan Rasila said:

Metro has a very similar cheese bread, and I can confirm that it is indeed delicious.

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