Things are getting hairy around this neck of the woods. Jon says the apartment is basically complete, although we're still waiting for appliances to come. Packing for the move is in full swing - I feel like I can barely turn around with all these half filled boxes and things trying to make their way into boxes. I've been furtively using the packaging tape in the bathroom during Caleb's naps so as to not wake the sleeping dragon, and then the dog barks and it's back to chaos. Along with all the disorganization of the move, and trying to pack up orders to head out to you folks, we've got all the new releases coming out! We just had the release of the Blue Midori's yesterday, and it seemed like we blinked and they were gone. We had limited quantities, and a lot of people interested. I know we had a few people disappointed, but take heart, more is coming! As a sign of my incredible and vast patience and Jon's discipline, I held off on keeping one of those precious covers for myself until the second shipment comes in. Jon had to literally pull the last cover out of my tear-stained, white-knuckled hands. Just kidding, it didn't come to that. But almost. If only you knew what went on in the back room of Wonder Pens. Our next shipment from Midori should be mid-late May, and we're expecting some new products along with a good restocking of the Traveler's Notebook line and accessories. But for now, feast your eyes on the newest 580 AL from TWSBI! The TWSBI 580 AL Purple just arrived, and we have all nib sizes in stock. It's a metallic purple with a bit of shine to it.
TWSBI 580 AL Purple at Wonder Pens
TWSBI 580 AL in Purple at Wonder Pens
The main difference between the 580 AL and the "regular" 580 is that on the AL the piston mechanism and the grip are made out of aluminum instead of plastic. For this version, both the grip and the piston are in a purple aluminum, and for the "regular" 580, the grip is clear and the piston is black.
TWSBI 580 AL in Purple at Wonder Pens
TWSBI 580 AL in Purple at Wonder Pens
Like the 580 AL in Orange, these are a limited production run, so I think we'll have this around for a few more months, but production will stop as TWSBI produces their next colour. We have some of our last few 580 ALs in Orange in stock, but once they're gone, that will be it. I'm still waiting eagerly for the Vac Mini. I've held off on the full sized Vac700 for what seems like forever, while dreaming of the Vac Mini to come. No concrete timelines, but I think it's soon!
TWSBI 580 AL in Purple and Orange at Wonder Pens

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April 30, 2015 — wonderpens



wonderpens said:

I’m afraid not! Your best bet may to be buy it on the second hand market, like eBay. Good luck!


ปั้มไลค์ said:

Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.


Nikki said:

I’m so gutted I missed a TWSBI in Purple, you can’t get these anywhere now :(


wonderpens said:

The TWSBI AL-Purple was a beauty! You might be able to find one second-hand on or at a pen meet – good luck :)


Pooja said:

This is very much a long shot but wonderpens does not happen to have the TWSBI 580AL in purple anymore, does it? Perhaps a used one that was never sold?

Wonder Pens

Wonder Pens said:

I think we’ll have it for some time! It will stick around for about as long as the orange, I expect :) Looking forward to seeing you soon!


apple said:

Hello! After reading this lovely post, I was wondering if you guys have any of the normal sizef midoris left?

Wonder Pens

Wonder Pens said:

We have the Regular Midori’s left in Brown and Black that we carry regularly, but no more Blue Midori’s until late May. I’m not sure how large the shipment will be, but we will be getting more

Tim Parris

Tim Parris said:

Purpley… but I want to place my next order in person at your shop. So, I will hope that this holds in stock until after your move when I can actually visit you!

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