Traveler’s Notebook 2021 dated items have arrived!

It’s a different sort of release than Hobonichi (second shipment coming soon!), which was exciting and thrilling and exhilarating and full of indecision. Stamps! Notepads! Covers! I liked so many of the covers, but realistically have far fewer notebooks needed in my life to be housed in them.

My own camel Traveler’s Notebook remains an everyday thing for me. For a brief period of time I dallied in keeping two, but it was too much. For right now, I just need one, for keeping my life organized, but mainly just a place to put words and doodles and scribbles and thoughts.

As usual I’m going to get the 2021 Weekly Vertical. In this season of my life, I find it extremely helpful to be able to plan my day in the context of a week. While we’re not doing quite as many extra curricular or social things as we used to, knowing that I have a call or an appointment earlier or later in the day, planning out errands or chores.

This year’s theme is books. I love it! This year in particular has been a very long, long season of burying myself in a bit of escape, re-reading old favourites, to taking on challenging reads. Distraction, replenishing, learning. My bookshelves are creaking under the weight of them all, and I’m delighted, if also somewhat frustrated every time I need to find a title in particular. One of my most popular blog posts is one where I share how I use my Traveler’s Notebook as a reading journal.

The 2021 Customize stickers are popular because they come with the fold-over index tabs to indicate months, so you can easily flip to the month you’re interested in, as well as practical planning or organizing stickers. However, they also come with themed stickers for the year.

I’m normally someone who has a hard time using special edition stickers. What’s the perfect situation for these? Upon whom can I bestow these precious pieces of sticky paper?? But you know what, I feel like I’m prepared to use these ones with a bit of abandon. Snail mail, journaling, gifts. It turns out all sorts of lovely and wonderful and perfect occasions come up in life when you stop being quite so obsessive and manic about things.


In case case, we’re floating along. It’s finally the weekend after another full and long week, the kids are creating complete chaos in the living room and I’m pretending like it’s all fine.

Currently reading: Everything Here is Beautiful by Mira T. Lee
Currently drinking: lukewarm coffee
Currently listening to: Naomi insist she is “stuck” in the pretend oven and Caleb cackling
Current dream plans: hiding away in a cafe
Actual plans: laundry

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October 03, 2020 — wonderpens



Tabitha said:

I am such a fan of your shop and love reading your blogs! Thank you for being awesome!


wonderpens said:

Wishing you fortitude and a strong reading light!


Lori said:

When I saw the theme, I knew I’d have to get the stickers. I use the Weekly plus Memo format because that’s as close to journaling as I get.

I already have clear folders from last year, and the writing grid boards from 2018. But oh the 2021 theme. I might want those as well. I hope Santa reads your blog!


Ethan said:

“I’m pretending like it’s all fine”, now that is a huge mood as professors assign hundreds of pages for readings when I’m not even done the one for last week. Oh boy.

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