You may have heard all the excitement about Midori's 10th Anniversary! The Traveler's Notebook Company is re-releasing their Camel Edition in Regular & Passport Size in celebration of their 10th Anniversary, and they're also going to releasing a very limited edition Mini Notebook that each come in a beautiful tin case. These Mini Notebooks come in their standard brown and black, and also in their new camel colour.
Midori 10th Anniversary Canada Toronto Camel Tins Pre-Order
I've been so excited for this, it's a bit ridiculous. I simply cannot wait. The tins are the same as regular sized inserts, so you'll be able to store new or used inserts, along with other flat items, like ticket stubs or photographs or stickers. You could sort inserts into different tins, or bring tins along with you to store different ephemera, like stamps or cut-outs. But the reason for this post is to announce that we're going to be accepting pre-orders for these limited edition items! You may know that we don't usually do pre-orders, especially far in advance - we're worried about not getting stock as expected or shipping delays and holding people's money for too long. However, for this Midori Traveler's Notebook 10th Anniversary, we're making an exception because of how much interest we've had, and because we know how tough it can be to be waiting anxiously for just the right moment when everything appears on the site. Rather than waiting and worrying you might miss out, now you can wait with eager anticipation! With our Blue Midori, we found out a bit last minute that we would be receiving multiple smaller shipments, which meant a lot of waiting to pull the trigger only to find out it had been sold out because each shipment was so small. However, this 10th Anniversary shipment is going to come all at once - we've received confirmation from our distributor, and we're expecting it to ship out early next week. We're going to be receiving all of our stock at once.
Midori 10th Anniversary Traveler's Notebook Traveler's Company Wonder Pens Canada Toronto Pre-Order
The 10th Anniversary Special Edition Mini Notebooks + Tins are going to be just this shipment. We're expecting a good-sized shipment, but because it's just going to be produced once, and what we're receiving in this shipment is all we're going to be receiving, if you're interested in it, I would suggest not waiting too long. We're also going to be getting the Camel Traveler's Notebook in both Passport and Regular sized. This Camel TN will be available on-going, and we're getting a shipment now, and also another one in May with more Camel TNs. I'm not sure how stock is going to be, especially over the next few months - if it's going to be limited or out of stock here and there because of unexpected demand, but it's something that's going to be in regular production, unlike the Blue Midori, which was a special edition, so we will be carrying it regularly along with the brown and black. Here's what you need to know about this pre-order:
  • You can pre-order online here - we're going to have the tins as well as the Camel TNs.
  • You can pre-order at any time between now and when we receive our shipment (once we receive our shipment, you would just be purchasing it regularly). Once we take the "pre-order" designation off the description, we have it in stock and will be shipping it out immediately.
  • You can add other items to your cart, especially if you'd like to qualify for free shipping, and we'll ship everything out at once when the Midori comes in. You can also select in-store pick-up to make sure we've reserved one for you to pick-up in store.
  • We're expecting our Midori shipment to arrive around May 16th, but it could come earlier or later. Of course we'll try our absolute best to let you know what's going on, especially if there are any delays.
  • We will be shipping out pre-orders and then orders in the order that we receive them.
  • If there are any problems with the shipment, which would be very unlikely, anyone involved would receive a full refund. This is fairly unlikely, especially with Midori shipping from within Canada and generally being very robust (unlike, for example, glass ink bottles breaking in transit).
We're not planning on taking pre-orders regularly, even for future limited edition items. We're only doing this pre-order now as we know exactly what will be coming in our shipment and when we can be expecting it. We would only ever offer this knowing with good certainty what's coming and when.
Midori 10th Anniversary Traveler's Notebook Traveler's Company Wonder Pens Canada Toronto Pre-Order
We've had a lot of interest in this release in particular, especially the special edition tins. We've normally been hesitant to do something like this, but we've heard from a few of you that the anticipation of this release has meant that you're a bit worried about missing out, or having to stay hyper alert for the notification which could come at any day, and then racing to your computer in time. This is a way to make sure you get what you want, especially if you know ahead of time that you're interested. If you have any other feedback on doing pre-orders, especially for this release, we'd love to hear it! You can leave a comment on this post, or of course send me an email


It's felt like a crazy week! We were back at work on Wednesday, and this week had flown by already. We've had a few shipments in, and are looking forward to a very exciting shipment coming in from a new line from Japan. It's actually probably not going to come for another month and a bit, but I'm still pretty excited.

Caleb fell onto the pavement and has a huge scab on his forehead. From afar, he kind of looks like a Power Ranger, but up close, he kind of looks like he fell onto some pavement. At his weekly toddler gym class, all the other mamas were sharing their own toddler face-plant stories, which kind of made me feel better, but then again, Caleb's the only one in the class with the disaster on his face.

I guess there'll be no photo-ops for this kiddo anytime soon...


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Jill said:

Thank you for offering pre-orders. I have been waiting for your announcement of the 10 anniversary mini notebooks. I have placed my order.


wonderpens said:

Thanks so much for letting us know!


wonderpens said:

Thanks so much for your order! It’s good to know how people like to order. Hope you like the new mini-notebooks! I’m excited to get them in! :)


Amy said:

Hi FYI…at present time of posting my comment….the preorder link takes me to a page that says….Category Not Found.
I’ll try again a bit later, in case you are still working on getting it up and running.

Very excited. Many thanks.

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