It's been incredibly busy here at the shop over the last few weeks, with lots of big orders re-stocking Diamine, Rhodia, new TWSBI products being released and lots of friendly faces popping by to say hello. We've been working a bit on re-organizing the back room as we've accumulate more and more products and lines, and Jon has been working on taking over the product shots for the website! (I think he got tired of waiting for me to do it...)

After a much longer than anticipated wait, we have begun to bring in some of Pilot's beautiful Iroshizuku inks. We had initially planned to start bringing in the line late spring or early summer, but we the unseasonably cold winter, we ended up working much later in the year to re-stock our regular lines.


We have just brought in a few colours:








We're already fielding requests for more colours, and those will be coming shortly! More details will also come on these inks and how they write and shade.

They're $35 for a bottle, or $2.75 for a 2mL sample.


Just a reminder that our shop will also be closed sometime early September for 1-2 weeks as we are expecting baby Wonder Pens to arrive. Super is pretty excited, although it means he'll have to give up his spot on the couch. Online orders will continue to ship, maybe 1-2 days late. If you're ordering for an in-store pick-up, please call ahead to make sure we're open!


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August 22, 2014 — wonderpens


Wonder Pens

Wonder Pens said:

Thanks, Mickey!

Haha – increasing personnel :)

Wonder Pens

Wonder Pens said:

We certainly will keep that one in mind! Thanks for letting me know – we like to order what people are interested in :)


mickeyobe said:

It is amazing for such a young business.
Expanding inventory and expanding and increasing personnel.
Congratulations and best wishes.
Mickey Oberman


Carol said:

if you are accepting requests for colours for the Iroshizuku inks….Fuyu-syogun – Old Man Winter please!

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