After quite a long time, we’ve finally gotten a restock of Kyo No Oto inks from Japan. Kyo No Oto inks are so elegant, in such lovely packaging. Their colours are pretty unique, and these three new inks bring their total to ten.

I think of the original line, my favourite must be Aonibi, although Nurebairo is quite a nice black as well. Here’s an old blog post to all of the inks, including the Kyo Iro inks.

They’ve introduced three new inks, which we received with our restock.

No. 8 Moegiiro is a bright spring green. The pen is a TWSBI Vac Mini broad.

No. 9 Sakuranezumi is a purplish grey. The pen is a Lamy Safari Mango fine.

Sailor Chushu is a personal favourite of mine so this one is perfect for me. Sakuranezumi is a bit more purple than Chu Shu but I am nothing if not completely flexible in my ink choices.

No. 10 Ochiguriiro is a chestnut brown, a great dark colour that might be an acceptable office ink, but still noticeable as a brown. The pen is an Edison Beaumont Aurum with a medium nib.

These inks, Kyo No Oto and Kyo Iro, tend to take a while to come in from our distributor, pandemic or otherwise, so we’re grateful to have them while we do.


Currently reading: Yukio Mishima’s Runaway Horses
Currently feeding the children: frozen bananas
Currently wondering about: all the pigs in children’s literature, Wilbur, Mercy Watson, Peppa, Olivia
Currently enjoying: the relatively short-lived state of my desk after a thorough organization
Currently looking forward to: family movie night
Currently not looking forward to: dentist appointments that have now been re-booked by our extremely friendly and responsible dentist office

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July 13, 2020 — wonderpens


Carlos Pinto

Carlos Pinto said:

I look at these three inks and think … these could be my do all inks. Just need to add the aonibi and “all is good in the world”



Really? Dental visits rescheduled already? I’m envious, our office has not phoned us yet. You know, that’s one thing I never dreamed I’d miss, but it’s such a part of normal life, and every little bit of “normal” is precious.

Gorgeous inks … that goes without saying!


wonderpens said:

I’ve had a lot of dental work done, and I feel mostly ambivalent towards the dentist. I suppose really, though, I should be grateful for this opportunity to make sure my teeth are healthy, the kids’. I’m working on it! Hah. :)

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