The summer quarterly release from Field Notes were three sets, called the National Parks Series, A, B, and C. They did extremely well, so much so that Field Notes just released a Series D. Gorgeous covers, each featuring a National Park in the US in collaboration with Fifty-Nine Parks, which created each of these stunning pieces as screen-printed posters in celebration of American National Parks, in support of The National Park Service.

These three sets were one of my favourite seasonal releases from Field Notes in a long time, and then they released a fourth! It was hard to resist getting a back-up set of each, but with so many notebooks, I think I’m in good stead.

While of course we’re Canadian here, these iconic parks are ecological treasures, and many of them are well-known world wide. These covers capture the beauty and unique quality of each park, and they certainly make me dream of a road trip to visiting a few of these.

Field Notes initially released three series (A, B, and C), and then later released a series D, so you can pick and choose which sets of notebooks are your favourites.

Series A: (left to right) Yosemite National Park, Acadia National Park, Zion National Park
Series B: (left to right) Grand Canyon National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Mount Rainier National Park
Series C: (left to right) Rocky Mountain National Park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Yellowstone National Park
Series D: (left to right) Grand Teton National Park, Arches National Park, Sequoia National Park

The inside cover offers a spot to collect the official park passport stamp, as well as information on the national park on the back inside cover.

What beauties! While doing my duties as a pen clerk, I’m always at risk of amassing more stationery than I can use. It sometimes because a challenge to use the things I have, because I would hate for it to gather dust or waste away in a drawer somewhere, but sometimes that’s part of the fun. There’s nothing better than a beat-up, well-used notebook. These four sets mean 12 notebooks, which will certainly last me a while, at the very least. Sometimes I just need an excuse to doodle or write, and it’s great when the perfect opportunity or project presents itself in need of a notebook.

While we’re here I thought I’d share a few photos of another great recent release from Field Notes: the Wilco boxed set. Field Notes collaborated with the music group Wilco, and set up a designer with each member of Wilco to create a cover from a limited palette of colours. Whether or not you’re a fan of their music, the notebooks look fantastic.

And for me, another six.


In other news, we have a crazy week ahead of us. A number of stars have inadvertently aligned to land on this week, including some delayed renovations finally happening upstairs in the apartment over the course of several days, some events for Caleb’s after school activities, staff scheduling constraints, a dentist appointment for Naomi, and of course, Scriptus prep.

The lists are long and hairy and we’re winging things as we think about everything we need for the pen show. As time is running out on us, we’re in that dangerous space of having done it a few times before and therefore feel like we are making some quasi-educated guesses about what we need, but certainly haven’t been nearly enough times to be proficient in getting it all right. I suppose you could say we know enough to know that there is a good chance of impending disaster, the day of.

We’re going to have a blog post later this week about all the exciting things we’re bringing and doing—stay tuned.

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October 22, 2019 — wonderpens

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