I’ve been talking about doing a blog post on a few Sailor Studio inks for a long time, and I’ve been dilly-dallying on it mainly because I think I may have misled people as to how great a blog post this was going to be. Initially I just did seven inks, and then I felt a bit bad because people kept saying they were really looking forward to the post, so I added five more, and then one of the photos (680) has a very obvious cat hair on it, and I thought about redoing the whole thing, but now here we are.

We’ve been carrying Sailor Studio inks for a while, and trust me when I say these are staff favourites, with very strong opinions. Sailor inks in general are real favourites, but the studio inks, with so many different colours and the little bottles for lower commitment, have taken it to another level. I think between a few of our staff they’ve got the entire line covered. It’s no longer any fun to play desert island inks with them. I’m just kidding. They have a lot though.

These studio inks are a huge range of colours—and there are 100 of them. There is something for everyone, another metaphor for life. The inks in the 100s-200s are a bit on the lighter side, and feature some truly beautiful shading and colours.

These inks came in a while back, and we initially only carried them in store. They’re now also available online. If we’re out of stock on something, send us an email or reach out via Live Chat on the website and we can get you on an in stock notification list.

They’re nice because they’re smaller bottles, so you don’t have to commit so much to one colour. The arrival of these Sailor Studio inks helped me to realize that there’s no point in the endless search for the “perfect” ink—there are too many. You should just enjoy what you’re writing with, pick a few colours that fit the season of your life as it is.

Here are a few of my favourites and shop favourites.

The paper is in my A6 Hobonichi Techo, Tomoe River paper.
Sailor Studio 370 in a Parker Sonnet medium.
Sailor Studio 223 in a Franklin-Christoph M20 fine.
Sailor Studio 373 in a Sailor 1911S Anchor Gray (grey) music.
Sailor Studio 680 in a TWSBI Vac Mini broad. Another personal favourite.
Sailor Studio 737in a Lamy LX Marron fine.
Sailor Studio 930 in a Lamy Safari (Vista) fine. A surprise! I’m not normally a red ink person, but this one is particularly nice. Good for Christmas cards and teachers.
Sailor Studio 653 in a Lamy Safari fine.
Sailor Studio 950 with a Franklin-Christoph/Pen Addict P66 medium
Sailor studio 024 writing sample
Sailor Studio 024 in a Pilot Custom 74 soft medium. I think my personal favourite ink of the entire line. It is a rich, dark, shading, slightly sheeting dark, dark blue. Wet. A delight. A classic colour that looks great in wetter, thicker nibs as well as in extra fine or fine nibs. Character without getting too showy.
Sailor Studio 940 in a TWSBI Vac Mini fine. Another really nice one.
Sailor Studio 941 Leonardo Momento Zero Grande fine. A tiny bit more of a teal blue than 940 (just above it). Both good blues, very solid.
Sailor Studio 143 in an Edison Beaumont medium. A light blue with some sheen! You have to look closely, but it’s a nice surprise when you see it.

In any case, I hope this is helpful. I had meant to be a little less frivolous and out of control with how many pens I have inked up, but I guess it’s more incentive to write, not to leave my pens languishing with ink in them. I have to admit it’s one of my favourite things to have abundant pens, all freshly inked.

Over the next little while I hope to do another 12, but in the meantime, I hope you are just enjoying whatever supplies you have. Here’s to all the different shades of blue we can dream up.

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July 03, 2020 — wonderpens



Anonymous said:

143 is such an unusual colour! It’s such a great, light, but still readable shade of blue. Glad to have found a kindred spirit out there.

Sanaa Shaikh

Sanaa Shaikh said:

I’ve been really enjoying the bottle of 967 I bought from you guys! It’s a lovely warm green that has some richness to it. Reminds me of some of my other Sailor favorites like Tokiwa Matsu. 024 looks quite pretty! Is it almost black and does the sheen get smudgy?


Marcy said:

This reminds me of how much I miss the Wonderpens Ink IG account!


Alex said:

I absolutely adore 143, it’s my favourite ink. I need to try 024 next

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