If you’ve been clicking into our website over the last couple of months, you may have noticed a new Weekly Special. Every week we’ve been picking a few items here or there to put on special. Sometimes it’s a line or an item we’ve gotten a good deal on, or something new that we’re just trying out, sometimes it’s something we’ve got a good amount of stock on or are clearing out, or sometimes it’s just something fun.

It has its own category at the top of our website, Weekly Specials, and we generally also try and include it in the newsletter.

We’ve had everything from discontinued pens to roller balls to inks to notebooks. We generally post the weekly special on Fridays, and depending on what it is, it sometimes sells out quickly. We sometimes have people stocking up on roller balls for gifts, or trying out new inks. No rain cheques, no holds, so catch them while you can.

You might also notice at the bottom right there’s our Live Chat feature that we’ve had for a while. Every once in a while I’m manning the Live Chat, and apparently it’s really obvious when it’s me because I give very long-winded answers and get into very long discussions. This is not unlike when I’m in the shop and a customer casually stops in for a quick Safari and it takes me an hour to get through it all. In any case, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, or just to say hello.


Currently reading: Bel Canto, by Ann Patchett
Currently reading with Caleb: The BFG by Roald Dahl
Currently eating: cold leftover toasted English muffins from the kids’ breakfast
Current project: decluttering the kitchen (ha ha ha she barks)
Current library fines total: $5.95
Currently looking forward to: a few new things coming into the shop soon
Also looking forward to: Caleb’s school book fair. Nothing like re-living the dream.


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September 25, 2019 — wonderpens

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