We've got a lot of changes going on over the next few weeks, and once we open the new space, we're also hoping to get some monthly or quarterly events going on - like our monthly Letter Writing Club - in addition to our calligraphy classes schedule. To keep it all together we've put a calendar up on the wonderpens.ca website. This is a great way to keep up to date with the renovations, and know when we're closing and opening again. You can also check back here in the future to see what's going on in the shop, events or classes, and any changes to our shop hours for the holidays. We hope this will also help if you're coming in from out of town and want to see if there's anything special going on for you to drop in on!
  Store closings or holiday hours will be pretty self explanatory when you look at the calendar, but for events, you can click on the event to see any details, like if you need to register in advance or the specific time it's taking place. The calendar is on our Store Info page. If you go to our home page at wonderpens.ca, scroll down to the bottom, and select Store Info. Store Info   And one day, very, very, very far in the future, we're going to close up the shop for a few weeks, and go on some crazy trip to somewhere - and we'll be putting that on the calendar, too!

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