In our new space, we've got calligraphy classes and a Letter Writing Club on the calendar and now: our first Vintage Pen Market!
Wonder Pens Vintage Pen Market Toronto Canada
As you probably know, we only sell new, modern pens in our shop (I love my Safaris and TWSBIs and now, apparently, my Parker Sonnet), along with inks and paper, and often for your everyday writing, this can be great. However, every once in a while we get asked about vintage pens and where to find them. It can be a bit daunting and time-consuming to look online at vintage pens, not knowing the condition of the pen, and wondering about the value. While we ourselves don't have the knowledge or tools to restore and sell vintage pens, there are many folks in Toronto that do, and so we're pleased to invite you to come to our shop and see some of our local vintage pen experts and their pens for sale. Our informal and small Vintage Pen Market will take place on Sunday, August 16th from 1-5pm! No cost. We don't anticipate any changes, but of course if there are, we will change it on our calendar and announce on the blog. Please come and say hello, and browse some of these vintage pens. It is always nice to be able to see and hold a pen before pulling the trigger, especially when you can also chat with the vendor about the history and condition of the pen as well.  Our shop business will be closed, with tables cleared off for vendors to showcase their pens. However, if you've got an in-store pick-up or you know exactly the bottle of ink you'd like, we're here to help. There will be a raffle prize, with all proceeds going to a local charity here in Leslieville, Red Door Family Shelter, which provides services, care and support to families and individuals facing violence or in need. If you or if you know someone who has some vintage pens for sale, please let them know about our small Vintage Pen Market and if they're interested, they are more than welcome to contact us to come and show off their pens! This will be a friendly, cosy and informal place to sell or buy some vintage pens. No cost for vendors, tables and coffee provided :) *And of course - you should also mark down on your calendar the big Scriptus Toronto Pen Show coming up on Sunday November 1st, which will be certainly be a great place to find pens and pens and pens. We went last year when Caleb was just a wriggly blob, and you can see highlights on the blog here.

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July 05, 2015 — wonderpens



wonderpens said:

Dear Ken,

I’m sorry to say that it doesn’t look like the Vintage Pen Market will be happening this year! We tried to make a go of it earlier in the summer, but some vintage vendors were out of town, and a few mentioned their stock was a bit low due to the exchange rate with the US over the past year. Scriptus Toronto Pen Show will still be happening October 30th, 2016, and that will be a great place to find a few vintage pens. I’ll certainly share any news well ahead of time if we are going to have one!



James said:

In addition to the vendor tables, you may want to consider designating an area or table for people who have ones and twosies to trade or sell.


Ken said:

Hi Liz and John,
Hope you had a great trip out west.
Will you be hosting a Vintage Pen Market again this year (2016)? Please forward the details to me if so.
Thank you,

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