We celebrated Super's birthday this past weekend! I know it seems like everyday is a celebration for him, but on Monday, Super got his very own breakfast sandwich, rather than having to steal one of ours from the table. It lasted about four seconds.
It's hard to believe that this old pup is already seven years old, maybe because he still has a kind of puppyish look about him, although he's got grey coming in around his snout and his paws and his belly and his tail. I sometimes joke that Super is my first love, because we got Super when I had graduated from teachers' college and Jon and I were still just dating. It's a joke, but there really is something special about having a pup grow up with you. Seven years ago we drove out to Bobcaygeon, and picked this guy out because of a white streak down his chest. We brought him home, and just as we parked the car after the 3 hour car ride, he threw up on me. It was a sign of things to come, if there ever was. Super spends most of his time driving Jon crazy, maybe because his wife's in love with the dog, or because the dog barks all the time, or because there was that one crazy day when for some reason he peed on the couch cushions, or that time he ate a box of raisins and spent four days and a lot of money being pampered at the vet's for "observation." And his wife spent the whole time missing the dog. But you know, Super is just our pup. He's the one that keeps our feet warm under the table, and sticks his snout into your lap while you're trying to eat. He's the one who barks at the door like it's the end of the world when he hears you coming, and then shamelessly turns into that tail-wagging welcome when he figures out it's you. No matter what's going on in the world, he's always there for a good snuggle and kiss. So here's to Super, and all the other pups out there, and love and slobber and doggy breath and three Dyson vacuums in seven years.
This blog post was supposed to go out yesterday, on Super's actual birthday, but we got distracted. We passed a metal work table on our way home, and of course we had to lug it home. Rather, Caleb and I waited at home while Jon brought out the dolly to lug it home. It took a bit of love (and a lot of cleaning), but it's now a new table for our packing area. We've got some exciting things coming up! While some of my house plants seem like they're on the edge of drooping and collapsing, the rest are really starting to perk up and fresh green leaves are appearing - spring is around the corner, and it couldn't come soon enough. Already, the warm air and longer days have meant longer and longer walks and I'm dreaming of picnics and road trips and ice cream. And best of all, I can't wait to share one new project with you - it's been in the works for what feels like months, and it's due to arrive maybe next week!!

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March 08, 2016 — wonderpens



wonderpens said:

Super is awesome! (sometimes…)

And yes, I completely agree :)


wonderpens said:

Thanks so much! (on behalf of the dog)


Stevdyep said:

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bruce said:

Happy Birthday Super!!

Scott Hamel

Scott Hamel said:


Liz, from that last picture I think you can see what I mean when I told you once that it’s not a real dog unless you can use he/she as a pillow (without fear of harming the dog).

Super is awesome and I hope he enjoyed his breakfast sandwich.

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