Naomi, 10 months old, naps usually once or twice a day. We've reached the stage where I'm trying to push it to once a day, because if she naps late morning or lunch time, both having a second nap (a difficult achievement) or not having a second nap (a cranky baby) are challenging. I think this might also be because I like when Caleb naps in the afternoon along with Naomi, so I can have my hands free for an hour or two.* Otherwise, it will be a terrible day of alternating naps: Naomi napping in the morning, then Caleb early afternoon, and Naomi napping again late afternoon, and so I will basically be taking care of a single, awake child the entire day. I almost wish for those days when I would drive to pick up Caleb from his preschool, with both kids strapped/trapped in their car seats, snoozing, and me driving around with a coffee and an audiobook playing. But that's neither here nor there. During these summer days, before the studio shop is set up, it's been our own limbo for workspace - mine more so than Jon's, as he has his office set up at the main shop. In the corner of our bedroom, I've set up a makeshift work space to get a few things done, while the babies are napping or after they go to bed in the evening. I've been using Caleb's old desk - with all its crayon marks and scratches - and it's become a surprisingly comfortable corner for me, especially at night: me lurking in the corner in my cone of light, feeling surreptitious and gleeful and hush hush about being awake with two sleeping babies. I have all my essentials, like pens, paper, and even a Bedroom Fan to keep me cool whilst working in this heat. My set up is working quite well for me so far, I've managed to be quite productive. My books and the bulk of my stationery supplies are still packed up in boxes, covered in drywall dust, languishing in the studio shop. In a way it's been a sort of extended summer vacation, just the necessities, along with a few of my favourite things. I do have a cabinet downstairs in the kitchen for ink bottles and spare stationery, envelopes, pencils, etc., but I keep the bare essentials up here because the babies also like to get into all of it. I didn't realize how much I would miss the books on my walls, or the comfort of desk drawers full of stationery - it's been a long time coming, and I can't wait to finally settle into the studio shop, and have all my things neatly organized.** As much as I'm loving these long (and sometimes looooong) days with the babies - I really am, you only get so many summers with them - I'm also looking forward to the fall, settling into new routines, taking care of just the one (arguably easier) baby while Caleb is in school. I only have Caleb for just July and August while school's out, and with him, our days are so variable, making it hard to get into a good routine. I find since we're not really settled into a routine - some days at the main shop, some days running errands, some days prepping at the studio shop - it's sometimes grabbing a few minutes while I have them. Some weeks are more productive than others, getting a blog post up, or researching a new line or big order, and some weeks my child is eating hot dogs without buns, naked at the kitchen table. We're counting down the days until school beings - one week! - and making the most of it. Bubble tea and picnics at the park, reading books under the trees at Allan Gardens, lazy pancake breakfasts and afternoons at the library.
And - all those grey hairs! Super, the dog, just turned 9 this spring. I get all weepy thinking about how old he is, and then he does something like steal my pastry and I'm reminded of just how agile and acrobatic he still is, prancing away from me with my pastry in his mouth. Whenever he steals Caleb's food, I say now, Caleb, you know Super is fast, and he's eying your food, you've got to watch out and take responsibility for your snacks... But when he steals mine, I'm thinking AGGGHH!!       *Might as well be honest, here on the internet. **To have all my things strewn about my desk top.

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August 25, 2018 — wonderpens

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