It’s officially summer here, as the doors are open all day long and it’s iced coffees and ice cream as often as we can get it.

The Studio Shop in Cabbagetown, at 290 Gerrard Street East, will have slightly adjusted summer hours for all of July and August.

Tuesday to Friday 11-6, but closed from 12:30 to 1:00 for lunch.

Please come by and say hello! Chicken has been lurking about the bushes, occasionally sunbathing on the bricks, oblivious to people stepping by. What a life.

We’ll return to regular hours (Tuesday to Friday 11-6), with no closing for lunch, in September.


In other news, the count down is on as we get ready to fly to Japan. It’ll be our first big trip with the two kids, and while I don’t know that we’re ever going to be ready, time marches on.

We’re excited and thrilled and tremendously nervous to head across the ocean, where we’re meeting some of our favourite vendors, hopefully having a few tasty bowls of noodles, and seeing all of the fabulous stationery. Stay tuned here on the blog to see photos and details of the first leg of our trip in Japan: plane rides, trade shows, behind the scenes, stationery factories, beautiful fountain pens. Our schedule is a bit hectic, but I’m hoping to keep up with posting as much as I can.

I’m going to miss the shops and the staff, Toronto in the summer, splashing around in the parks, home, and of course, the animals, Chicken and the dog, Super, but life is nothing without a little adventure. This is such an opportunity for us and our shop, to see what’s out there to bring home, and to grow relationships, and to challenge and change the way we do things here. Wish us luck! (And two sleepy kids.)


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