I hope everyone had a great Canada Day! Because Canada Day fell on a Tuesday, and our shop is closed on Mondays, we got...two days off in a row! It was a nice treat, and even Super got some ice cream, which lasted him around 3.5 seconds.
Here are a few updates from the shop: The TWSBI 580 AL is in! Its main differences are an aluminum grip (which isn't quite brushed, but is not a slippery metal grip) and an aluminum piston mechanism, as opposed to the black plastic piston mechanism on the 580. Available on in EF, F, M & B. The TWSBI 580 RB is also to come, likely near to the end of July. We will be getting ones with the ROC finial, rather than the US flag - Philip at TWSBI said he's not going to take our rejection of the US flag personally. We've been doing some much needed re-stocking. Most J. Herbin inks are back in stock, although Perle Noire is still backordered, and much of our Clairefontaine paper also is. We've had a few requests for the French-ruled, and I'm sorry to say that is still on its way from France, as it's a special order. Midori products are coming in mid-late July as well. We have a few special order items that I'm hoping are coming in, as well as a re-stock of many of our regular line items. We are hoping to expand our line, but orders from Midori sometimes take up to 2-3 months! We also had some Rhodia ICE note pads in, but they sold out so quickly, and our remaining order is still to come. We will have them in A5 and more A4 in soon (I hope). The last of our stock of discontinued Sailor inks are on our shelves, so if you have a penchant for Epinard or Sky High, or have never tried it, now may be your chance. We are expecting the newly re-released seasonal Jentle inks to come in towards the end of July, if not earlier. We've been working a few new products and lines and surprises, which are still to come! We just hit our one year bricks & mortar anniversary, and are thinking of a belated way to celebrate. It may involve some cupcakes. I had a customer come in last summer for a bottle of ink and a few pens, and she just came back this past week to pick up another bottle of ink in a different colour, and it was nice to chat about how much the shop has changed even over a year. We are truly a small, sleepy business and we appreciate the support of our customers from coast to coast and around the neighbourhood.

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July 06, 2014 — wonderpens

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