Wonder Pens Pen Pal Match
UGH! As a former teacher, I'm pretty distraught over the missing Y. I suspect it was Chicken, but I have no proof. It could also have been Caleb.
Just wanted to remind everyone that this is your last call to enter our pen pal match, or forward this off to someone else who would love to join in. The pool closes on January 20th, and then in the next few days, we're going to be doing our match-making magic and setting everyone up. We now have around 200 participants from around the world, which is pretty amazing. You can see the original post here for more details, or you can sign up below. If you're already signed up, look out for an email with one address in it by around January 26th, and get writing! You can also save it for February when InCoWriMo starts as well. If you have not received an address by the 27th or 28th, please email me and let me know - wonderliz@wonderpens.ca . Someone else will receive your address, and they will be the ones to write to you first. I hope to do another blog post with some tips on your first letter to your pen pal, which I'll post around the time of the emails going out (hope being an important word here, but we're nothing if not optimists, running a fountain pen stop these days). Remember that even though we're doing this in celebration of International Correspondence Writing Month, you don't have to feel any obligation to participate in InCoWriMo: you can also just use this as a way to find someone new to write to. It can also be pretty low commitment, as you can check off that you are not interested in a long-term correspondence, which doesn't necessarily mean it's one and done, but that you might not have the time to commit to something long term.

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January 19, 2017 — wonderpens


Gregory Furan

Gregory Furan said:

I suspect this could be fun. btw, in Norway, February is spelled Februar. Maybe the sign maker was Scandinavian?


Anonymous said:

Haha! I’m not sure if I could pull that off – I think everyone knows it’s just a typo by yours truly :)

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