With Toronto reporting only 1 new case yesterday, what better way to celebrate than a safe and exciting trip to your favourite stationery shop?

We’re re-opening! As of Friday, August 7 we are going to be re-opening for in-store browsing. It’s been a ride.

Albeit in a limited capacity, we are still here for you for trying out pens, admiring the inks, and finding just the right journal.

Wednesday 12-4
Friday 12-4
Saturday 12-4

These are, you may notice, similar to our curbside pick up hours (they are exactly the same) and they are not long hours. We are going to see how things go, and tweak as necessary, possibly increasing our hours as we go.

We have moved our furniture around a bit to create a U, so traffic will flow in and out in one direction. There will be indications on the floor. We’re not going to police anybody, but just trying to help things flow more efficiently with less back and forth. We’ve made some changes to our displays, and are still working on adjusting things.

When you come in, please use some hand sanitizer at the door. If you’re trying out any pens at pen display, we ask that you use hand sanitizer again, which will be at the pen counter.

Toronto has a bylaw in effect requiring everyone who is able to to wear a mask. We request that instead of wearing gloves, you sanitize your hands in the shop with our provided hand sanitizer. We are going to limit it to five customers in the shop at a time. We are going to try our best to help everyone who visits, but outside of our posted in-store browsing hours, please note that our hours are limited because we have limited staff, extra cleaning, and a lower ratio of staff to customers.

We are nervous and thrilled that we’ve managed to stagger to this stage. Everyone talks about how many small businesses and restaurants will survive or not survive, but I feel like as important as merely surviving is making it out in good enough shape to continue to onward in a meaningful way. To not just keep the lights on, but to continue offer paid health benefits to our staff, to take risks on new lines, to staff free community events.

We are thrilled to be here, thrilled that we’ve arrived at this stage for Toronto, and for our shop, and thrilled to see what’s ahead. Thank you all for your support, encouragement, patience, orders, funny comments, likes, live chats, friendship and appreciation of our favourite pens and stationery.


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July 29, 2020 — wonderpens


Alvin Ko

Alvin Ko said:

H O O R A Y & G O O D L U C K ! ! !



Congratulations on re-opening!!! Wish I could be there!!


Jon said:

Good luck. So hard for small private business. Rooting for you. Be safe.

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