This has been a long time coming, but we are now offering a $4 flat rate lettermail option for flat and lightweight items from our shop! This was a project that we've been thinking about putting into place for a while, but we figured that if we didn't push forward to make it happen now, we would probably get distracted and waylaid by the holiday busy-ness coming up. Especially with a few requests coming in for the Classiky stickers to be shipped lettermail, this was a great time (for Jon) to spend the weekend fiddling around with the online shop to get this set up. We're now offering a lettermail rate for a selection of our items that can be mailed flat. This is the same sort of shipping that your snail mail or bills get sent by, rather than packages with tracking information. Best of all, it's $4 flat rate across Canada!
Here are a few examples of things that we're going to have available for shipping by lettermail: We will not be shipping our sample vials via lettermail, despite our smaller vials fitting inside the 2 cm width clearance - they're liquid! If you have chosen items that are flat and within the weight limits, an option for Lettermail shipping will automatically become available. If you add too many flat items and it becomes too heavy, or one item cannot be shipped in this method, Lettermail will no longer be an option and you will have to ship via Expedited Parcel at $8 flat rate. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that there is no tracking. All of our packages are shipped out parcel with tracking that you can follow, but the trade-off for the lower shipping cost by flat lettermail is that you're willing to absorb the risk of it being sent without tracking information. If you have concern about the security of your mail box or consistency in the delivery in your area, your safest bet is to select Expedited to get tracking information, as there's nothing we can do if your Lettermail gets lost. As with packages, we still ship out internationally, but you'll have to email or call us with a few details so we can get you the most accurate shipping cost, either parcel or lettermail. We will be likely adding and changing this as we go, as we figure out exactly how much can fit in the weight limit and size limit of 2 cm in width. If you have any questions, please feel free to email (! There may have been something we just overlooked but that could definitely be shipped lettermail. As a huge snail mail fan, I'm pretty excited to see how this is going to fit into our online operations! There is something sort of lovely about putting some stamps onto and sealing up a mailer before sending something it off to the post.

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October 17, 2016 — wonderpens


Phylis Raine

Phylis Raine said:

Dear WonderPens staff:

Would sending a couple of orders of ink syringes through the letter shipping option be appropriate in terms of not incurring damages to the items? I would like to know your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks


wonderpens said:

Unfortunately I think they might get damaged! Lettermail goes through sorting rollers, and so flat items do fine, but if there is a lot of pressure on a specific part of a 3D item (such as the top part of an ink syringe where you hold with your fingers) we’re worried that might break off. Sorry about that, and hope that helps!

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