Dear Pen Friends, We're moving! Our last day here is quickly approaching - all the things we had meant to do one last time before we leave are now by the wayside as we scramble to sort out all the boxes and packing and breaking down shelving and furniture for the move. We are uncovering hidden stock and old dog toys and lots of dust. While there are many considerations when moving with a dog that you have to take into account, we've had so much on our plate that it's been hard to focus on one thing. Since Jon is in charge of the moving, he's left me in charge of the packing (which is a total scam if you ask me), so please do a rain dance for us. Here are all the details for our last day Saturday, April 28th (this Saturday!) - please stop by and help us celebrate. We're open from 11am to 6pm. We're going to be getting ready nice and early on Saturday, but we won't be opening the doors until right on the dot. We're going to have lots of treats to celebrate our last day, along with a few sweet deals. Everything in our shop is going to be 20% off (woo hoo!) - the caveat being that it's only going to be what's actually in our shop. We're double and triple and quadruple stocking everything out front during this last week, so we can start packing up our warehouse for the big move. While we'll do our best to check in the back warehouse for any extra inventory, if it's been packed up, we won't be able to dig around for iThere are no rain checks or holds, so if we run out of a nib size or a colour of ink, that'll be it for the sale. On sale, we've got everything from everyday supplies and Lamy Safaris and Noodler's ink to those beauties you've had your eye on while awaiting your tax return, like Visconti and Sailor. And to make things extra fun, we're going to have a ton of stuff to give away: a Nock Co. Sinclair, TWSBI, Mnemosyne pads, Pilot fountain pens, Noodler's inks, Field Notes, and lots, lots more - including our mystery loot bags, available as part of the raffle. Every purchase gives you one draw from our raffle - you'll find out right away if you've won something. We're closing up Saturday, April 28th, and spending the next few days moving and setting up in our new shop in Little Italy, at 52 Clinton Street. Stay tuned for more details on when our grand opening (with more treats!) will be. As we wind down, we're really celebrating the last three years we've been here. Some of you have been walking with us for as long as we've been around, and others recent converts, but it's really and truly been such a pleasure to get to know you all and share our stories and adventures with you. Many of you know us or our staff by name, or have seen Caleb or Chicken or even our newest one, Naomi, out and about in the shop, and we can't express our gratitude for your support and friendship, in allowing us to thrive and grow. Our family has been so defined by this business and it's incredible to look back on our journey. As we move (once again), we remember the Christmas trees and spilled ink and Letter Writing Clubs and welcoming Chicken, but we remember most of all the people who have walked through our doors and helped to make this our home. See you soon, Jon + Liz + the Wonder Team  

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April 26, 2018 — wonderpens



Anonymous said:

Glad you made it! Yes, a lot of people – how amazing to think so many people have heard of our tiny shop!

I hope you enjoy your Edison – they are terrific pens, made by great people – and thanks so much for your time here in our shop. While there are some great adventures ahead, I will also miss this place, and all the people that have walked through our doors.


Anonymous said:

Our team sure is putting in the extra hours and doing some heavy lifting. I couldn’t be more thankful for them.

And yes, finally good weather! Perhaps a trip to High Park is in order – the cherry blossoms are truly beautiful there this time of year!


WPfriend said:

Can’t wait to visit the new store. It’s closer to my house than your old location, so huzzah for that! Itching to come and buy a bullet journal for a springtime gift…


thyna said:

how exciting! i’m very sad that i can’t come down to toronto this weekend, but i’m trying to get the word out to friends to go and take that 20% off on my behalf!

and i am so excited to come visit your new location(s) once i’m finally in town. it’s been such a pleasure to shop at wonder pens since your days over at carlaw and to see your shop, staff, and family grow and grow.


Sully said:

I was there today. Lots more people than I expected, almost look like Black Friday sales or something _. Got to purchase the Edison pen and a few more inks.
I will miss Carlaw shop a lot. I bought the first fountain pen for myself here (was given a couple of the before, do it’s not the first one that I own). I remember when I left, I turned around to look at the place one last time, trying to memorize this place as much as I can.
I will see you all once the West end shop open :).


kris said:

Seems like your team is doing a lot of heavy duty work. Bummer, especially since the weather has finally turned into what Spring should really be like here in Toronto.

At the least, you and the others will have time for the sakura viewing in High Park, yes? I’ve read on that the cherry blossoms will start blooming this weekend; they’ll be at their most exquisite next week.
update: seems like rain is in the forecast for this week. Please don’t rain. Having a nice picnic with the cherry blossoms would be a fantastic way to celebrate Spring’s arrival (and Wonder Pens’ new store!).


Susan said:

Sadly, I’m too far away to attend, but sending good wishes for a smooth transition.

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