INVENTORY DAY! We were ready. Ballpoints, gel pens, broken glasses. The wonder team is nothing but eager to count stationery.

We count up everything, we discover boxes of things, we wonder if we’ve counted things, we absolutely in no way at all ever make guesstimates about things like numbers of samples, or numbers of 5-packs of vials in enormous loose bags of them. We Are Precision! Efficiency! Mental Math Giants!

I’m just kidding. The team is actually shockingly efficient at getting through the shelves. “13284. 8. 947. 56569.” “13284. 8. 947. 56569.”

In all honesty, I am the weakest link. It doesn’t sound like it would be very tricky, but all those washi tapes have different skus and dashes they’re sometimes separated by one digit and it’s tricky find them on those spreadsheets. “Hooold on....just wait. Uhm...was that 89? You said? Wait, I already have a number here for that one. Is that the pink one?”

I was assigned to order the pizza, which was accomplished with only slight difficulty.

A surprise advantage to having the shop closed down is that the whole team can eat lunch together in the glory of the sun.

A special shout out and thank you to Amber who not only understands the plight of my role but participates by smiling.

In any case, we got it all done in one day. Inconsistent naming conventions faced their yearly curse. Various people were blamed for taking a few items from various new boxes instead of taking from the already opened one. In prep for inventory day, Dylan already counted and organized some of the things which sped things up. There were a few last minute, impulsive decisions to discontinue items. Caleb was assigned to wait at the door for the pizza delivery. At the end of the day, Jon went home spreadsheets with numbers scrawled over them and stayed up late, cranky, directly in front of the fan.

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July 02, 2020 — wonderpens



Bob said:

I see that here is the a brotherhood of beards going on there. I already feel quite welcome :)

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