As we count down to the big day, I though we would share some recommended timelines for orders shipping out to make it by Christmas. Expedited Shipping Within Toronto + GTA: December 20 Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and the rest of Ontario: December 18 BC + Eastern Provinces: December 17 Rural postal codes: December 17 Northern Provinces + Territories: December 15 - but with the huge expanse of our great white North, there's a big variation depending on if you live in a major city or out farther. Express Shipping Within Toronto + GTA: December 21 Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and the rest of Ontario: December 19 BC + Eastern Provinces: December 18 Rural postal codes: December 18 Northern Provinces + Territories: December 18 US Shipping: December 15th If you'd like Express Shipping for the US, send us an email and we'll get you a quote to your location - it'll be quite expensive. International Shipping: please send us an email for a shipping quote and timeline. We strongly recommend not using Lettermail for anything with any sort of timeline ever, and this time of year is no exception. There is no tracking or insurance on Lettermails, and while basically all of them arrive at their destination eventually, they may take a scenic route to get there. Just a reminder that by this time of year, we're probably going to be shipping all parcels containing ink (cartridges or bottles) to a local post office, unless you leave a note in the comments that you're willing to accept the risk. We will still siphon off ink from bottles that are filled to the brim no matter what, so in case of freezing and expansion, there's a little room inside the bottle. If you're planning to ship something internationally, or want to use an international parcel forwarding service, you need to leave plenty of time for delivery and use a well-known service like Parcelux - International Shipping, Parcel Forwarding & Delivery. Sending off your parcel with plenty of time ensures that it will get to its destination on time. As always, these timelines are estimates based on our experience, but weather, human error, accidents, mis-scanned parcels and other surprise events could delay your parcel by a day or more.* These sort of events are, really, highly unlikely, especially with Canada Post delivering parcels on weekends with this high volume time, but it's always a bit chancy when everyone is opening presents under the tree and someone is opening a piece of paper with a picture of a fountain pen.** It's always best to help Santa out by ordering as early as possible. This will also help with making sure the items you want are in stock in the nib sizes or colours you'd like. We're already selling out of some items, and trying our best to restock, but it's a crazy time of year.     *In the words of an actual Canada Post customer service rep: "Sometimes things just fall off the back of a truck." **If you didn't understand this joke, it's a sign you are clearly more organized than our family: when presents don't arrive in time, we have to print out a piece of paper that indicates what the present will be when it does arrive, late.

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