Our bricks & mortar shop is on the south side of a fairly large, mostly old-industrial type building. Sometimes you don't really think about the rest of the building, or at least I don't, because we have direct access to the outside - our doors to the apartment and the shop open directly outside, as opposed to into a hall - but the building is huge. Since the cool weather has started coming in, and since Caleb has proven to be his own sort of adventurer, we've taken to walks through the halls of the building, which has been a lot of fun. The whole building is a bit of a maze, with floors and half floors, and ramps, and stairways that go nowhere and angled hallways and you never really know where you're going to end up. It's not very logically organized here (as you may know, if you've ever had trouble finding the shop...). Even though the building is shaped like a rectangle, the hallways go everywhere, and there have been a few times we've ended up outside without knowing how.
Caleb is making all sorts of friends, because he sticks out a bit here - in the building there are a lot of workshops for furniture building or machining, a few offices and some studios, but not too many families. Caleb is curious, but also a bit shy, so he'll stand in the hall and stare in, watching as people cut wood or type away in their office, and sometimes they'll look up to see him, a little guy just wandering around.

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October 20, 2015 — wonderpens


Janis Jessop

Janis Jessop said:

Hi Liz…
So glad to meet you and Caleb…little rascal woandering endlessly! I am looking to buy the OLIVE MTP that is now in stock…and wanted some blank midori inserts…tin paper or the thicker…but definitely the midori paper…could you direct me to the place on your site for these refills? Also…do you still carry the brass clips and stufff my midori? Also do you still carry the Brass clip board..these were all from a long ago blog…so not sure if they are still offered by your company…really excited to have found an on-line canadian retailer…with to top it off….INK SAMPLES…wow…so tired of going through Goulet Pens and getting dinged at the customs….is it true ytou have free shipping on orders over $75 to the Yukon? Thaks…hope to hear back at some point.Janis


wonderpens said:

How nice to meet you as well!

You can see all of the Traveler’s Notebook accessories here:

Specifically the blank Regular sized inserts (with MD paper) is here:

We still carry the brass clips! They are one of my favourite accessories:

The brass clipboard (from Superior Labor in Japan) we still have available in the shop, but for that you’ll have to send us an email so we can direct your further. Sorry about the hassle! But we can certainly help you over email: orders@wonderpens.ca

Our shipping is free for orders over $125 – even to the Yukon! And we’re glad to be in Canada, to avoid any surprise customs charges. Hope that all helps!


wonderpens said:

Sorry for the late reply!

How wonderful that you’ve stumbled across our blog and also across Caleb! I hope he was a good introduction to our shop, haha!

We do live in the apartment behind the shop, so we’re here all the time – and Caleb also gets to wander around our packing area and in our shop all the time. It’s nice for me because I get to help out in the shop when Caleb’s napping, but it also means that he’s digging around in the packing materials and “helping” to restock shelves.

Hope your bullet journaling is going well, and also hope one day you will have reason to come visit Toronto and our shop :)

Hank Lobbenberg

Hank Lobbenberg said:

Just starting the adventure of calligraphy. I did not know of your store until by accident I Googled calligraphy Toronto. I live in Toronto but doing the snowbird thing in Sarasota. I will be back for a few weeks in February for the COC. Hopefully I can drop in, chat, meet Caleb, and see what I “need” for my newest hobby.


wonderpens said:

I hope we got a chance to meet, but if not, hopefully the warm weather will bring you back here again! Caleb is always driving his little car around, and it would be so nice to get a chance to chat in person :)


Liz said:

Thanks so much!! Haha, Caleb’s an explorer, but a bit easily spooked, too! His stranger-danger alert is a bit strong :)


jenniesisler said:

He’s absolutely adorable!! Love all the pics


Sarah said:

Aww this is the cutest!!!
Hi there waves I’m new to your blog via being new to fountain pens and all this wonderful world of paper and ink and notebooks! Despite loving journaling for years I have only recently got into the more high end stuff when I wanted to improve my handwriting.

Actually I found your store because of a reddit post (of all things!) when I googled Canadian retailers of Leuchtturm notebooks because in the last week I discovered bullet journaling by accident from a random journey into the depths of Youtube! ;)
Anyways I’m rambling but I live out on Vancouver Island and wish I was in Toronto so I could visit your store! Do you live above the store? Pretty interesting looking place for a kid to walk around, the photos were really neat!

I’m looking forward to the newsletter and getting to read more of your blog. :)
Mickey Oberman

Mickey Oberman said:

Fabulous photos.
It seems that Caleb is the brave, intrepid explorer type.
I wonder how fountain pens would work on Mars.

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