Today I blinked and this squishy guy was doing some serious and old-school research into brown bears, and why our own brown bear is so defective.
Who knew puppy bellies are so sensitive, and who knew babies grow up so fast. (The real question is who knew that there are creatures in existence who eat things that taste like Vaseline??) With the life and the business and dentist appointments and new products and moving to a new location and copper-orangey things, sometimes I get caught up with all the hustling around. These days, the days are long and full, but the years seem to fly by, and already I can't believe how long ago it's been since I was in school and without a care in the world. This "community" - our local community of bricks and mortar shops on Dundas West, the online community of people who email and follow the blog, and especially the people who take the time to write letters and postcards to us, this community is what keep us in business, and keeps us excited to do what we do everyday. And it's these two, the pup and the babe (and the hairy one at the shop right now) that are the centre of what we're moving towards: that archaic and almost-but-not-quite-obsolete family business with a baby in tow and the dog keeping the sofa warm. Every once in a while I think about whether or not I'll go back to teaching. I loved teaching, although likely more now that I'm a step away from report cards and staff meetings and early morning yard duty in January, but then I see these two and I think that for right now, this is okay too, this is where I'm supposed to be. Until one of these two needs to poo.

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March 22, 2015 — wonderpens



Keith said:

I hope this is the right place both to comment on and enter into the give-away celebrating your move. I find myself speechless to some degree with thew manner in which you are asking your customers and followers to share in the good feelings you evidently possess at this time as you work on your move to a new place of business. My sole regret is that while I was a student at Knox College – more than just a few years ago now – I didn’t know about you and the marvellous products you use to stock your shelves. We don’t get to Toronto often since moving to Nova Scotia, but you will certainly be one of our destinations when we do visit the “Big Smoke”. Again,thanks for inviting all of us to share your joy, May you continue to provide the information and products I value.

Susan W.

Susan W. said:

Such a lovely post. :-) I received my Midori TN the other day (love it!) and appreciate the personal touch of the hand-written note that comes with each of my orders. The world needs more family-run businesses.


Anonymous said:

I’m glad to hear your TN arrived safely! I am loving mine, although I admit I’m pretty excited to see what the blue Midori will look like :) Thank you for your support of our small business – I really appreciate it!


bruce said:

Robert Chesebrough who patented petroleum jelly in 1872 lived to be 96 years old and was such a believer in Vaseline that he claimed to have eaten a spoonful of it every day since inventing it. Who knew??
…congrats on the new lens! thanks for all the great sharing in addition to running one of the world’s most wonderful business’.

Jarrod Nichol

Jarrod Nichol said:

Too cute :)

I just wanted to say, I’ve fallen in love with your shop. Your customer service and family touch is amazing :). I’ll be buying all my ink and notebooks from you guys from here on out :)


Anonymous said:

Wow, what kind words! I’m so glad you’ve found us, and I truly hope we can deserve them :) Thanks for reading, and for supporting our small business!

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