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Yamamoto Loose A4 Paper - Passepied Cream


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Yamamoto Loose A4 Paper - Passepied Cream

50 Sheets

Passepied cream is a book paper has been developed in pursuit of smooth and "hand" and "turning ease". Light steps that were the rage in Paris in the 17th century as "Passepied" is the classic dance of features. Turn the page and the "hand" of Passepied cream it seems that expresses the "lightness". Assuming the books used, it has been increasing the opacity in order to make it difficult seen through the character of the back page. In the (paper thickness 79μ, opacity 90%) Yamamoto fountain pen test Paper went, ink ran smoothly pen destination faster than exiting from the pen tip. Therefore, it was hoarse-prone character and shorthand. Therefore, it is recommended that you write in order slowly. Strike through and bleeding in ink of low viscosity was not seen. Permanent marker will strike.

Check out this video created by Yamamoto Paper to see how the paper performs.