Sailor Professional Gear Slim - Storm Over the Ocean


Sailor Professional Gear Slim - Storm Over the Ocean

The Professional Gear Series is one of Sailor's iconic lines of pens, with flat finials and inlaid with the classic Sailor anchor logo on the top finial. While Japanese pens are known for their nibs, Sailor nibs in particular have recently become more widely-sought after in North America and around the world. Sailor takes tremendous pride in the craftsmanship of their gorgeous gold nibs, made in house, and the quality of each pen that leaves their factory.

A distant lightning storm upon the wild ocean would be a brilliant event for any sailor to see. This striking natural phenomenon has been captured in a glimmering deep ocean blue complimented by an electric lilac highlight on both finials in Sailor’s newest Professional Gear release: Storm Over the OceanThe way light plays off of the deep blue color with the softly sparkling metashine is like the brief reflection of lightning on the ocean waves, while the lilac accents bring out the vividness of the sky after a flash.


•14k Rhodium Plated Gold Nib

Includes one proprietary Sailor converter for using with bottled ink, and two proprietary Sailor black ink cartridges.

L: 12.3cm capped; 11cm uncapped; 14.2cm posted 
Weight: 18g