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Sailor King of Pens Fountain Pen - Color Urushi - Maroon


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Sailor King of Pens Fountain Pen - Color Urushi - Maroon

Urushi lacquer is a very special natural material, which is made from the sap of trees, which only grows in East Asian countries. This Urushi is in very limited supply. The deciduous Urushi tree takes 15 years to reach maturity. The Urushi sap is then mixed with other compounds to form the lacquer. When hand applied to the surface of the pen and kept in high humidity it slowly sets into a hard durable and lustrous finish, which is waterproof and resistant to most other materials. This special lacquered surface protects the pen. Urushi is applied in 12 separate coatings, all of which have to full harden before the next application, the total process can take up to two months.

Dimensions: 15.3 cm (16.7 cm posted)

Weight: 33.5 g


  • Nib: 21K KOP size Bicolor gold nib

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