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Studio Shop - Children's Handwriting & Cursive Writing Class


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This class will be run at our Studio Shop location - 290 Gerrard St. E.

A Toronto Children's Handwriting & Cursive Writing Class

While calligraphy is a beautiful art, cursive writing is skill that can be useful throughout someone's life. These days, the debate on cursive writing being taught in schools can be heated, but either way, the fine motor skills of cursive writing can only be an asset.

While some parents worry about cursive handwriting as a marker for education, and others realize the benefits handwriting has for developing learning skills and forming ideas, this is also a fun class to get your child interested in writing and strengthening their fine motor skills.

This is an on-going, drop-in class - students can come as often as they like or need. Each session will focus on a specific set of letters or skill (e.g. letters a, c, and d or the slant of their letters, etc.), and so no matter what level your child is at, they will have opportunity to focus on improving a specific area. Over time, our classes will cover the entire alphabet, as well as instruction on consistency, hand grip, speed, etc.

In this small group instruction, each child will received feedback and guidance based on their own level. There is optional homework students can take with them, depending on their level.

Ages 8+.

All materials will be provided, and each first-time student will leave with one Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen.

Please come 10 minutes early to register your child and fill out some information on the day of the class.

Check out our blog for more details on this workshop!