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Studio Shop - An Introduction to Journaling Workshop


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This workshop is taking place at our new Studio Shop location in Cabbagetown.

Journaling, or daily writing, is a practice that can help settle buzzing minds and set aside the tedium of the day, keeping up a flow of new ideas. It’s about clearing out our minds and getting words on a page, and through that process, finding the things that resonant with us.

This is a three-hour journaling workshop for beginners or those already with a regular journaling practice looking for inspiration, and designed with structure and time to write and explore new journaling exercises.

We’ll be going through a variety of easy and fun journaling prompts, new creative writing exercises and sharing some of our writing. These exercises will explore things from the small details of our daily lives to remembering things from our past. We’re hoping these exercises will help enrich your daily journaling practice with new ways to write and come up with ideas, reveal new layers of ourselves and help us find our own stories to tell.

Bring your journal or a fresh notebook, as well as a favourite pen or two.