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Sailor 1911L Fountain Pen - Pirate's Life


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Sailor 1911L Fountain Pen - Pirate's Life

Sailor's 1911L Pirate's Life comes with an opaque yellow-gold barrel, golden trim, and a 21k gold nib (because every pirate should write with REAL gold). Each pen comes with a piece of treasure to get you started — a special golden coin collector’s pin which is only available with the purchase of a Pirate’s Life pen.


•21k gold nib made in house.
•Opaque yellow-gold resin body perfectly complemented by classic gold trim accents.

Includes one proprietary Sailor converter for using with bottled ink, and two proprietary Sailor black ink cartridges.

L: 14.1cm capped; 12.3cm uncapped; 15.3cm posted 
Weight: 21g