Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - Red


Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - Red

Japanese pen company Platinum's Preppy Fountain Pens are the perfect introductory fountain pen, with a clear body to see your ink and a touch of colour (or black, if you like). The clear grip section lets you see the ink coming down the feed. These pens come with one cartridge, and while you can get a converter to use bottled ink, the preppy is one pen made for an eyedropper conversion. With a smooth Platinum nib, it is great as a starter fountain pen.

Includes one cartridge.
Compatible with a Platinum converter (sold separately) or Platinum proprietary ink cartridges.
Available in a variety of colours.
Dimensions: 5.5 inch (6 inch Posted)
Weight: 10g

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Caleb L
Good Nib and Value

Fist off, I received a 03 fine which shortly after reaching out to Wonderpens they sent out a 02 extra fine arriving the same week. Great service.
The red ink is very light, leaning pink which is seen on paper towel especially with the drier ink flow these pens give. Not an issue if your using other inks. Which leads me to recommend using wet inks to start. I ended us using Monteverde for its ITF and Diamine Fire Embers.
If the flow if good off the bat you're set. Nice smooth no flex ef steel nib.

In my experience The 02 Extra Fine was flowing well with Monteverde Ash Black but could be better. The 03 was working but so dry.I figure your milage may vary with these pens.

Disclaimer, try at your own risk.
The feeds on these Preppy's have one narrow channel, verses a TWSBI feed with two channels and recess in between said channels. Natural I got out a fresh xacto knife and opened up the feed very carefully. The flow was good on the 02 but the 03's nib was bottle necking the flow! Again, verses a TWSBI nib I couldn't see any light in between the tines on the 03 nib, the 02 I could. Using the xacto knife I opened up the tines on the 03 slowly.
It worked and now I have a budget friendly extra fine fountain pen that is wet and shows off inks well. The nibs were hard enough to not be scratched by the blade if I did try.
The nibs are smooth and exceptional though I couldn't remove them from the feed. YMMV.

All aside, good value for an extra fine pen that came working perfectly.

Paul Aningat
Preppy Look!!

Maybe cheap to buy but preppy for daily use! I'm impressed with these simple pens!

Angela Churchill

I'm a petite person (5'2"), so I have small hands. This pen is a superstar.

Light in weight. Steady ink supply and controlled flow through the nib to help you write neatly. As I write very small and tight, finer nibs are best for me. I got this in fine (03) and unlike other brands it is perfect for my handwriting.

My only issue is that when I do writing sprints, it sometimes couldn't keep up, giving me false starts. Although, that could have been the angle I was writing at or the angle I initially held the pen.

I also love the look of this pen. Platinum has the coolest nibs, with a sleek body shape as well as a wicked cartridge design. I love taking this pen with me everywhere. It doesn't feel cheap, or look it. I can't wait to convert it to eyedropper in the future.

Platinum is my new favorite brand of pen. I highly recommend it for beginners and all levels.

Uri K
Solid writer

This pen performs very well with the supplied cartridge; it reliably writes on all kinds of paper that I have tried.
The only drawback I have noticed: if you carry it with the nib up it dries out, and you'll have to hold it with the nib down for a minute for the ink to flow down thru the feed before you can write. However, this is easily remedied: simply remember to carry it with the nib down, and it will reliably start every time.