Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - Black


Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - Black

Japanese pen company Platinum's Preppy Fountain Pens are the perfect introductory fountain pen, with a clear body to see your ink and a touch of colour (or black, if you like). The clear grip section lets you see the ink coming down the feed. These pens come with one cartridge, and while you can get a converter to use bottled ink, the preppy is one pen made for an eyedropper conversion. With a smooth Platinum nib, it is great as a starter fountain pen.

Includes one cartridge.
Compatible with a Platinum converter (sold separately) or Platinum proprietary ink cartridges.
Available in a variety of colours.
Dimensions: 5.5 inch (6 inch Posted)
Weight: 10g

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Perfect little pen for the daily use. I use it everyday for my journals and notes. I have it inked with Octopus Petrol Deer.

Great Pen

I have two of these pens. One Black and one in Blue. Both write great with the fine Nibs even if they have sat for a while. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a low priced entry into fountain pens.


For the price, you can’t go wrong . Super smooth writing experience

Worth the money

While there are lots of pens that will look better than this, not many will write more consistently and certainly not for the same money. The main reason I keep coming back to this one in my collection is that it writes every time. I lost mine in the chair cushions for several months. Once found I tested it and it wrote, skip free, right away with no efforts. Some of my pens don't after 1 day of non use. The ease of eye dropper conversion, the price, the colour options, all certainly make it an easy decision into a great everyday pen.

Cheap but Cheerful

It is admittedly a cheap pen and the fact is reflected in its scratchy nib. But it is a pen that you can throw into your bag and go anywhere without worrying about it being lost or stolen.

In fact, on a trip to Japan a few years ago, a Preppy loaded with Platinum Carbon Black was my main writing instrument. It even went with me on the trek up Mt Fuji. There was a light drizzle half-way up but the fountain pen, ink and the Rite-In-The-Rain notebook in my back pocket held up fine.