Pilot Fountain Pen Kakuno - Black


Pilot Fountain Pen Kakuno - Black

Kakuno means "to write" in Japanese, making this is a great beginner fountain pen. The thick barrel with a modest triangular grip make the pen incredibly ergonomic. The snap cap is solid and will not break away in a bag or pocket. The pen features a cute smiley face on the nib, which will smile at you whenever you are writing!


•Iridium tipped steel nib made in house by Pilot.
•Lightweight plastic barrel with a triangular ergonomic grip.

Includes one proprietary Pilot black ink cartridge; Pilot converter for use with bottled ink can be purchased separately here.

L: 13.1cm capped; 12.7cm uncapped; 15.9cm posted 
Weight: 11g

For more details on this pen, please check out our blog.

If you're not sure which nib size is for you, we have a blog post to help with that!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Philip Klugman
Incredible value for money

Light weight but well balanced in my hand, especially when capped. The fine nib is a finer nib than others but it writes very smoothly and flows nicely with the supplied ink. Frankly, I am delighted with this pen and will use it daily. The flat casing surfaces not only look modern, but they are comfortable to work with. The black is more like a grey colour. I give it a big thumbs up!!

Ying Y
Best beginner's pen

Many people say that the Metropolitan or Lamy Safari are the best beginner pen. I disagree. This pen is lighter than the Metro and doesn't have the very structured grip the Safari has so it's more natural to hold.

- surprisingly smooth nib
- zero tinkering needed out of the box
- light-weight (under 40g)
- cap posts very securely
- cute (not necessary, but a nice addition)

- despite the hexagonal cap/body, it has rolled off my desk multiple times (still writes perfectly, though)
- limited ink capacity (~1mL)