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Maruman Mnemosyne Spiral Bound Notebook A5 - Dot


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Maruman Mnemosyne Spiral Bound Notebook A5 - Dot

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Customer Reviews

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My go-to notebook

I have been using this notebook for over a year now - one for work and one for personal journalling. Really good quality. My Iroshizuku inks do not bleed through. The only thing I can think of that one might consider a shortcoming is it only contains 80 pages, but it is not a terribly highly priced book, so I always grab a couple. FYI for you bullet journallers out there, 26 dots across and 34 down.

Excellent choice

I've been a fan of Rhodia for years and I decided to try something new. Very glad I did! I love the texture of the paper and ink looks terrific on the page. This is definitely going to be my new go-to notebook.

Worth it

Maruman Mnemosyne never fails to impress me with the quality of their notebooks. This A5 size in particular is such a staple in my collection whenever I need a decent size notebook to write down notes.

The price is decent and you will never regret owning one of these!

Fountain pen friendly paper!

Maruman has terrific paper, be it in the Spiral Note Basic (70 gsm), the Sept Couleur (75 gsm) or the Mnemosyne (80 gsm). This paper is fantastic, and I enjoy writing on it will all my pens: it’s nice, smooth, and white without being bright white. It shows off sheen well and shading very well, has decent dry times and almost no ghosting; I easily use both sides of the paper with my Sailor 1911L 21kt H-B. I’ve observed no feathering and no bleed through.

I bought different sizes, bindings and page layouts to see which ones I would like best and reach for most: in the spiral bound I bought the N193, N184, N196 (all top bound), and the N105 (side bound). Since they all serve different purposes, choosing one or two is impossible.

This N105 has dot ruling, which makes the notebook ideal in landscape mode. I write within the dots and ignore the Title and Date/No spaces at the top of the page: I reserve this area for corrections or marginalia. I mainly use this notebook for notes in point forms, concept maps and terminology mapping. I only use one side of the paper for these tasks by choice.

It is easy to tear a page off cleanly thanks to the perforations. It also tears cleanly from the spiral without leaving pieces of paper stuck in the rings. I like that the front and back cover are plasticky and textured—easy to clean and grasp.

I wish the Mnemosyne came in B6 Slim size, bound in small, stitched signatures, just like the Midori MD B6 slim.