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Letter Writing Club

Takes place between 7pm-9pm every second Thursday of the month, please come anytime! Check our shop calendar before coming to verify the date. No sign up is necessary to attend.

You can come for
the entire two hours, or pop by for just a bit to say hello. The shop
itself is closed on Thursday night to regular shopping, but if you were
planning on picking something up since you’re making the trip, of course
that’s no problem.

Stationery and supplies will be provided, including stamps, so all
you need to bring are some addresses and ideas. We’ll drop off your mail
to Canada Post. If you have your own stationery or stamps or
anything else, please feel free to bring it along! We will have tables
and chairs set up, along with some coffee, tea and treats, so you can
just come on in, grab a seat and write your love letters, political
protests or daydreams as you’d like.